Easy light source replacement

Luckygrow provides an easy and intuitive way of replacing the lightsource. Adjust to the lighting requirements of your plants!

Choose best spectrum for your plant

Choose the lightsource that has the best possible light spectrum for your plants

Very high PAR values 2400 µmol/s*m²

Luckygrow panels reach an extremely high PAR 2400 µmol/s*m² value.

3&5W Cree and Epistar diodes

All Luckygrow light modules with 90° are equipped with 3&5W Cree and Epistar diodes

90° and 120° secondary lenses

All Luckygrow light modules are equipped with 90 secondary optic lenses

8 different light sources available

You can choose among 8 different light modules, each designed to use during specific plant life phase's: “grow”, “bloom”, “universal”, “cloning” and "vertical garden" in different lenses variations


Extremely durable power supply

Luckygrow power supplies were developed/customized to work with our lighting modules, because of that LuckyGrow lamps have a very long life span.

Individual power supply for every lighting module

Every lighting module is equipped with an individual power supply.

Power daisy chain

Each Luckygrow panel has a socket that provides the possibility to daisy chain power to another lamp.


Passive radiator

Each lighting module has installed a passive radiator that allows diodes to work with 100% efficiency.

Silent fan

Luckygrow panels have a built in super quiet fan that allows silent ( < 40db) and efficient operation.

Inside ventilation

Thanks to specially designed vent holes air can flow easily between the radiators and the fan.